Dialogue 31 | Werner Szendi

BIO Szendi Werner (born in 1966 in Guessing, Austria, childhood and youth in Harmisch, Burgenland) currently lives and works in Vienna and Kritzendorf. He discovered his artistic talent at the age of 16. The creation of several sacral paintings for churches familiarized him early on with the techniques of the Old Masters. He uses pencil, […]

At Home/Being Home: e-residency for emerging artists from Asia & Spain | Open call

ASEF through and Casa Asia are pleased to launch the open call for At Home/Being Home, an e-residency for young emerging artists from the performing arts, music, film and new media sectors. With this e-residency we continue to organise virtual capacity building initiatives in response to the impact of the global pandemic. The residency will consist of a capacity building component and a […]

Dialogue 30 | Leon Bellingan

Artist statement With my art, I try to convey a feeling of serene loneliness and stillness, the inevitable passage of time and nature, and seeing beauty in decay. I am especially inspired by the desert, which I find the most beautiful of landscapes, and reinforces the philosophy of “Less is More”.  While my work can […]

Climate Change and World Heritage

Updating of the “Policy Document on the impacts of Climate Change on World Heritage properties” World Heritage properties are affected by the impacts of climate change at present and in the future. Their continued preservation requires understanding these impacts to their Outstanding Universal Value and responding to them effectively. World Heritage properties also harbour options […]

Dialogue 29 | Pau Escat

Hi Pau! Nice to meet you! Could you tell us about yourself and share the story of how and why you became an artist?  I look for a harmony between color and light. I consider myself a great defender of total freedom of expression in art and I try to avoid classifications. I consider my […]

Reducing Disaster Risk at World Heritage Properties

World Heritage properties and heritage sites in general are exposed to the impacts of natural and man-triggered catastrophic events, which threaten their integrity and may compromise their value. The loss or deterioration of these outstanding properties has severely negative impacts on local and national communities, both because of their cultural importance, and because of their […]

#SOSAfricanHeritage 2021

The German Commission for UNESCO herewith invites UNESCO World Heritage sites and UNESCO Biosphere Reserves in Africa to submit proposals for projects that help them to overcome an existing impairment caused by the COVID 19 pandemic. Up to 20,000 Euro financial support will be provided to selected projects. By providing financial and technical support to […]

Vincent Van Gogh 600-drone show breaks world record

The drones “painted” in the sky works such as The Starry Night and The Sunflowers. A performance by China’s EFYI Group has entered the record books for the longest show involving drones. The performance featured 600 unmanned aerial vehicles with a time of 26 minutes 19 seconds. The show’s organisers enlisted the help of Tianjin University and […]

Dialogue 28 | Irene Hoff

About Irene Hoff For Asia-based Dutch artist Irene Hoff, the world is out of balance, which is evidenced by both the human and environmental challenges we are currently faced with. Irene’s aim is to encourage and support humanity in reclaiming their sovereignty, in overcoming limiting beliefs, and in discovering their personal talents – always with […]

Dialogue 27 | Metodija Jovanov

Artist statement Metodija Jovanov is a fine artist from North Macedonia who mainly focuses on painting with acrylics and oils but as a creative visual artist he also dips his toes in photo and video editing, and collage from time to time. In his art, Metodija explores a wide variety of topics, however his muse is, […]

Dialogue 25 | Danijela Nedeljković

For our 25th dialogue, the mathematician Danijela Nedeljković talks to us about her lively artwork, which can brighten the gloomiest of days! Danijela…first off, thank you for taking your time out to do the interview! Beginnings inspire us and give us hope, so take us back to yours… I’m a mathematician and work with children […]

Germany Returns 14 Art Pieces Stolen During the Nazi Regime

Germany says it has now returned 14 artworks — from a collection looted by the Nazis from Jewish owners — to their rightful heirs. In 2012, during an operation, authorities discovered the collection of more than 1,500 works hidden for decades by Cornelius Gurlitt, who died in 2014. Among the returned works is a drawing […]

Dialogue 24 | Elina V. G.

Elina V.G. is a watercolor artist who explores the beauty of daily life. She seeks to change people’s perception of their surroundings by painting everyday life treasures, because it looks as if we sometimes forget to stop and enjoy them for what they are. Maybe because of that Elina adheres realism in her practice.

Why May 9 is important to me

On the day of May 9, Russians celebrate a Victory day back in 1945 when Hitler was defeated. Russians commemorate people who sacrificed their lives in that cruel human war: women and men, young and old people. It matters to us because every family has its heroes, great grandfathers, and great grandmothers who had to fight for their motherland.

Dialogue 23 | Ana Letícia Barreto

‘…regardless of the language and technique chosen, aesthetics is very important in my work. I like to grab the observer by the beauty, by a refined technique…’ Ana Letícia Barreto The Brazilian writer Guimarães Rosa was right: ‘Everything that changes life comes quietly in the dark, with no warning preparations’. The story of a woman […]

Dialogue 21 | Duncan McAfee

I love contradictions. I playfully reference art history, big ideas and religious iconography and paint them with irreverence, like a game of consequences, grand themes about life and death, time and history, approached with a light touch.

Love is love

Behind the stunning design of the dresses, the exhibition was at the same time sending out a strong social message of freedom, tolerance and rights of every person to love and to beloved. This message came across in the right moment when Serbia is in the process of adopting the legislation on same-sex partnerships, while Montenegro and Croatia were the only countries in the Western Balkan which already adopted the law.

Dialogue 19 | honey & bunny eat art

‘It took us year to understand, that food (and eating) is the most cultural “thing” (object and action) human beings have. Every kind of culture is somehow related to food. On the other hand, from the very beginning, we were very much interested in daily objects and actions.’

Dialogue 18 | Orchestra conductor Santiago J. Otero Vela

Santiago Jesús Otero Vela was born in Málaga (Spain), where he studied piano, trombone and percussion. Despite his extensive instrumental training, conducting has always been his strongest vocation, in which he has focused all of his efforts by always searching for a distinctive value and the highest interpretative and technical quality. 

Hackearte by Saladentro Gallery

En medio de tanta incertidumbre, cabe la seguridad de que el arte no será el mismo después dela experiencia planetaria del confinamiento universal, que ha hecho estallar las convicciones, que ha mostrado que el capitalismo no da más y que ha hecho evidente algo que está allí y que no queríamos verlo: el malestar de la cultura. Nada volverá a ser igual.

Women Making History in Opera by Julia Benzinger

Storytelling is a way our species has explained events, explored meaning and purpose, and examined common values. Women have always created and they have always led but their contributions have either been simply erased or relegated to token status, and their works dismissed as somehow less genius than their male counterparts’.

‘Those shapes did not satisfy me’ – Nastya

My art is applied, sometimes combining three functions: utilitarian, aesthetic and artistic. But I want to give up direct functionality in my art. I create objects, and provide an opportunity to “animate” them the way that the person – who decided to acquire my art object – wishes. My objects are self-sufficient and free of purpose.


Franchise Freedom is a performative art installation by DRIFT exploring the relationship between man, nature and technology.

London Art Fair 2020

Returning for its 33rd edition, this year the fair presents 63 galleries in a digital format. Until Sunday 31st January you can discover, browse and enquire upon selected works through the Viewing Rooms, featuring audios and written commentaries narrated by the galleries. You can also access it through Artsy website, check the entire online catalogue […]

Art Moscow Online for CCI

This Thursday, January 28, 2021, the international forum Art Moscow Online will take place online, which will be the opening event of the cultural calendar of major events in 2021.

2021 – New Postpones, Why?

In the past 2020, biennials, art fairs, exhibitions were postponed or even canceled … Although people hoped for 2021 as a period of recovery and relief from the unprecedented and stressful situation of the 21st century, in reality, little has changed …

Artsy Gallery Insights: 2021 Report – Overview

Artsy researchers focused their attention this year on the COVID-19 pandemic, including its impact on sales and marketing practices in the gallery sector. And, for the first time, this report explores diversity in the industry, taking a hard look at the experiences of gallery owners and directors who identify as Black, Indigenous, or people of color (BIPOC).

User Engagement for Cultural Heritage

his post reviews the webconference entitled Digital Transformation for User Engagement in Cultural Heritage, organized by Photoconsortium in collaboration with Europeana and the Cyprus University of Technology, on November 5, 2020, as well as a course on Creating a Digital Cultural Heritage Community on edX online platform.

Art At Home

We are talking about affordable art works (mainly by emerging artists or unknown artists) that can make your home space more atmospheric, fashionable, and comfortable or maybe minimalistic, everything you wish.

Plaques that form part of the Benin Bronzes on show at the British Museum in London. The plaques were taken by British troops in 1897.Credit...Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Return of Cultural Heritage

In 2020, Australia marked the 250th anniversary of James Cook’s first voyage to the east coast of the country. This anniversary also marked the beginning of the large scale removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage to overseas collections.

Greece Celebrates 200 Years of Independence

This year Greeks are commemorating 200 years of freedom after 400 years of Turkish and Ottoman Empire rule, and to mark this important anniversary the arts organisation Neon is renovating a historic building in Athens. The historic tobacco factory in Athens to be renovated into cultural space, currently lies half unused while the other half […]

What is Blue Shield?

This blue icon means protection for our cultural heritage. It is the emblem of the Blue Shield and it is used to identify cultural property and to avoid its destruction in times of conflict. The Blue Shield is a network of committees of dedicated individuals across the world that is “committed to the protection of […]

Ohh Lalanne: Sankofa means go back and get it

So Amy, tell us a little about yourself and how you were introduced to the art world… My name is Amy Marie Lalanne. As an artist, I go by the alias “Ohh Lalanne.” Art has always been a significant part of my life as far back as my memories take me. My first canvas was […]

Animalistic thoughs

An online exhibition proposed by Vitor Schietti to celebrate veganism through visual arts. For him, art is a powerful tool for transformation, and what greater transformation is there than turning the world vegan? Vitor Schietti’s works proposes an abstract idea: to know the thoughts of animals. An exercise that we are not even sure to […]

17 SDG’s 2015-2030 and the role of Culture

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015, provides a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future. The 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) to transform our world: GOAL 1: No Poverty GOAL 2: Zero Hunger GOAL 3: Good Health and […]

Cultural Heritage is in danger again – Zanzibar

Following news of the collapse of a part of the House of Wonders (Beit-al-Ajaib) in Stone Town, Zanzibar on 25 December 2020, the Director of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, Ms Mechtild Rössler joins the people of Zanzibar, and the United Republic of Tanzania in general to mourn this sudden and significant loss. The House […]

Cittaslow – have you heard of it?

International movement of cities where living is good. Responsible tourism. The Movement of Cittaslow was born in 1999 through the Paolo Saturnini’s brilliant intuition, past Mayor of Greve in Chianti, a little town of Tuscany. The new idea of considering the town itself and thinking of a different way of development, based on the improving of life quality moved to […]

Blockbuster exhibitions in 2021

With spreading the new virus in the very beginning of 2020, then closing public cultural spaces…museum analytics foreshadowed the end of the era of large-scale exhibitions that contribute to the gathering of a huge number of people in one (closed) place. With the uncertainty, museums were not sure about the longevity of blockbuster exhibitions anymore. […]


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