Crypto Art, NFT & what else? // Part 2

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Author: Renata Procópio

The virtual work can have different formats, from drawings to videos or even important moments in time, where memes can be a good example of how easily replicated it can be yet their authorship and social relevance never occurs. 

The NFT certification (that we explained in the previous post), seems to have more value for recording that something was created than for the relevance of its author.

From Pinterest.

To start to be a collector you need first to acquire your tokens (NFT). Crypto art relies on these NFTs, which are usually issued on Ethereum. 

It seems all a bit exaggerated, but the same happened years ago when the creation of modern art museums rose to the same level of surprise that we would feel today with the opening of a physical Memes Museum.  

A common question is why should you buy an artwork that can’t be hung on the wall? Well…the art that you own communicates your interests and tastes, more than that, collectors are here for hunting down all those rare pieces. This is not different in the digital art world where you can build your own virtual gallery and show it online with other people, support artists or be part of an art community. 

UPD – Crypto artist Mel DuARTE is given a floor to share her insight on NFT:

‘Despite of its virtual origin, I must note here that NFT hangs on the wall too! For example, today Amazon created digital frames that are very successful. I will buy one too, there are two brands in the market leading … And what is more, there are people who buy digital art to have the right to hang it in their home, or to print the art in high resolution .. It is not just an investment …’

Crypto art is just a way of recording the originality of the creation and the date of the art, as a stamp, thus guaranteeing the rights of the creator and the certification of originality. I am also issuing certificates of authenticity through Verisart, I am a verified artist there. Thus, the investor will have a double guarantee.

And how to sell? With the ability to keep a record of transactions, it is possible that the artist charges royalties upon each sale of a single work.

There are a range of specialized marketplaces where the NFT-based artwork is exhibited and you can buy, sell or just get inside the new trends and see how NFT bidding is going:

To summarize, this new and very specific market has already tripled in 2021, which is partly due to a surge in the ETH price. Nevertheless, there is an increased interest in NFT artworks.

In the next explanatory posts we will share the last trends, artists and styles that you should know as well as positive and negative sides of this Crypto world and art involving in it and finally give our opinion on it! Waiting for it?


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