Virtual landscapes – An extraordinary online exhibition – review

There is no need to remind you, reader, again and again about the times of fragility and uncertainty we are facing now. Also, no need to remind about the right time for cultural and artistic institutions to have an online presence to resist current challenges.

This blog post is dedicated to one cool online exhibition we found on the Internet space for the last few days and we are thrilled to share our brief analysis of this exhibition with you! Let’s get started!

The new online exhibition entitled ‘Virtual Landscapes’ provided by Al-Tiba9 Art Gallery (gallery based in Barcelona and Algeria).

Artist: Stepan Ryabchenko, Art Curator: Mohamed Benhadj

Entrance to the Exit
Digital print on aluminum under plexiglass (Diasec)

The first thing that we meet in the online exhibition is motion work and an invitation to ‘click’ to start the exhibition. it should be noted that the sound perfectly accompanies the online journey: calm, magnetic and cosmic tune really delight the ear.

The structure Exhibition statement – Artist’s bio – Exhibition – Curator is a perfect and logical approach for an online journey. Every work has a ‘Inquire’ bottom which easily navigates the user to request necessary information about the work. What is more, some artworks have descriptions that are difficult to find in the physical exhibition at the gallery. This is undoubtedly the bonus of online space!

The exhibition has several videos that make it more engaging however when clicking on the certain video two sound backgrounds (from the video and general exhibition sound) intertwine that can irritate the user a bit. And we also would like to have the opportunity to share our emotions and thoughts about the online exhibition but we did not find the box for commenting.

To conclude, the overall impression of this new online exhibition by Al-Tiba9 Art Gallery is very high and we see this exhibition as a perfect example of the online version of exhibiting artworks!

Do you agree with us? Or not? Comment it!

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