My emotions explode in my soul and cause me great suffering – Roberto Bellucci

Hello, Roberto! Please tell us how did you start your experience with art? 

My experience with art began when I was a child. I clearly remember feeling emotion in associating colors with that game with colored pegs to be inserted on perforated boards. Then, I began to draw and paint emulating the various expressions of art with which I was confronted, and, finally, in 1978, I embarked on my personal artistic research path that has led me to this day.

What motivates you to create?

This is a complex thing to explain, certainly an emotional impulse that does not leave me until I have realized it on the canvas. This impulse comes from an innate sensitivity to everything around me and this is not a pleasant thing because my emotions explode in my soul and cause me great suffering. The life of an artist is neither beautiful nor pleasant but one cannot escape this destiny.

Do you have an artist who has inspired your own art practice or any artwork in particular that has influenced you? 

I wouldn’t say because I’ve always tried not to be influenced but if I really have to name some names that somehow fascinated me I remember Frank Frazetta, Salvator Dalì and Caravaggio for their expressive power. What really influenced me was the light.

And another question: Art for art’s sake or art for people?

Good question! Art is for everyone but, historically, few have been able to afford it. Today finally everyone can enjoy the sight of works of art, even if they cannot own them. But it is important that images spread among people because contemporary art belongs to everyone and reflects us, so we must see and select it so that it can really describe our time. Nobody can judge contemporary art if not contemporary people and do not let yourself be influenced by “experts” because the real experts are the people who get excited.

What is your recent work/new body of work?

Today, I am a full-time artist, making oil paintings on canvas supports. Every now and then I make sculptures with various materials including copper which fascinates me a lot.
My latest work was TRANSFORMATION. It is a 100 x 100 cm painting.

What is it about?

It represents the 4 nitrogenous bases of DNA and life.
The result is a reflection that comes to us from far away:
Nothing comes from nothing
nothing is created, nothing is destroyed but everything is transformed

You discover what life is and then you forget it
Everything that surrounds us is constantly changing in processes that are repeated and transformed
So why shouldn’t it be the same for our life and for that entity we call soul?
What can death be if not a transformation and this is reminded by all religions.
But instead death is experienced as a disappearance, a dramatic end linked to our personal opportunism for the refusal of change.

Roberto Bellucci. TRASFORMATION, n.322, 2021, oil painting on canvas, 100×100 Cm


Nulla viene dal nulla
nulla si crea, nulla si distrugge ma tutto si trasforma

Si scopre cosa è la vita e poi lo si dimentica
Tutto ciò che ci circonda è in continua trasformazione in processi che si ripetono e si trasformano
E allora perché non dovrebbe essere così anche per la nostra vita e quell’entità che chiamiamo anima?
Cosa può essere la morte se non una trasformazione e questo ce lo ricordano tutte le religioni.
Ma invece si vive la morte come una scomparsa, una drammatica fine legata al nostro personale opportunismo per il rifiuto del cambiamento.

What is your plan for 2021? 

Continue on this path but mainly by continuing to paint to tell, tell us, and continue to always search for new images full of light and color.  But also try to sell my works to be able to continue painting and see people happy to be represented in their emotions.

Roberto, your story is very exciting! Thank you!

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