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A platform for whom Art & Culture matter


We manifest that with Art & Cultures Inside people will live in a world where arts and culture can heal the hearts and become a destination where every one can find awareness, awakening, and inspiration.


Art & Culture Inside platform promotes arts and grows artists from one side; from another – celebrates the beauty of cultural heritage as shared humanity and encourage cultural & creative tourism.


We value human creativity and artistic expression. We value our histories and cultures. We value our differences and similarities. In these especially fragile times..

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‘Those shapes did not satisfy me’ – Nastya

My art is applied, sometimes combining three functions: utilitarian, aesthetic and artistic. But I want to give up direct functionality in my art. I create objects, and provide an opportunity to “animate” them the way that the person – who decided to acquire my art object – wishes. My objects are self-sufficient and free of purpose.


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Art & Culture Inside is looking for artists to share their stories on the website.

Established, mid-career as well as emerging artists, send an email to info@artcultureinside.com or send a message to Direct, leave a comment, whatever, we will contact you.

Art & Culture Inside is a fresh project – platform which is looking for young artists to shape people’s minds through arts together; to show the importance of arts in our lives, together. Art & Culture Inside provides artists with the platform to speak.

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We want to facilitate and collaborate with the expansion and reinvention of traditional disciplines of making art, with our focus lying on contemporary art. Our aim is sharing our discoveries with you, working together to strengthen a sector that we consider essential